Saturday, February 26, 2011

IU top 10 in 'Dosirak' digital sales for the month of february

Yes!! IU's song in Dream High 'Someday' has won the number 8th position in 'Dosirak' digital sales for the month of February. Considering the amount of competition that she has to go against, this is actually a very good result! Cheers to IU!

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According to information released by the site on February 27th, G.NA’s “Black & White” comeback album took first in digital sales, while the rest of the rankings were as follows:

2. Kim Bum Soo & SNSD’s Taeyeon – “Different”
3. KBS’s “Dream High” / Park Jin Young – “I Couldn’t Forget”
4. Kim Bo Kyung – “Day by Day”
5. Navi – “Well Done”
6. “KBS’s “Dream High” / 2AM’s Changmin & Jinwoon – “Can’t We Love?”
7. SECRET – “Shy Boy”
8. KBS’s “Dream High” / IU – “Someday”
9. SeeYa – “You’re So Cool to Me”
10. Mighty Mouth – “Tok Tok”

Representatives of Dosirak commented, “In February, dance tracks and drama OSTs received a lot of love and popularity.  The ratio of fun dance tracks to emotional ballads in the top 10 was 3:7.”

Source: Naver

Let's continue supporting IU and push her higher!!!!!! =)

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