Saturday, February 26, 2011

Music Core Performance 02262011!!

Update: Included an article found with regards to this performance under the cut!

IU performed at Music Core today!!! Check it out!! =)

Translated article:
IU had recently been criticized for her lateness to the Dream High concert, and then her response to the criticisms. She had apologized for both of her actions, but her appearance on the 26th’s Show! Music Core has worried fans.

She seems to be on the verge of crying and looks very tired throughout the whole song. When fans saw this, they commented, “She doesn’t look too well,” “Are you still worried about the lateness incident?” and “I’m going to hope that you’re just trying to get into the mood of the song.”

Watch the performance above. Do you think she looks more tired than usual?
Credits: DKpopnews
Source: FN news

I agree that she looks tired too.. But not because of the "late for dream high concert drama". See here for the story about it. I think it's largely due to her hectic schedule. Let's continue to give her our unwavering support ya!

IU fwighting! =)

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