Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heroes to end after March 28th-29th recordings

Dear fans of Heroes, brace yourself for a big bad news =(

It seems IU’s hints have come true - representatives of SBS’s “Heroes” confirmed on March 16th that the show would indeed be coming to an end. NOOOOOOOOOO

The producers of the show spoke with SPN and revealed, “‘After completing the scheduled recordings, ‘Heroes’ will be coming to an end within the month. The final recordings will be held on March 28th and 29th.” 

The program first began in July of 2010, and was introduced as a unique variety program which focuses entirely on the female perspective; it boasted a cast of 12 celebrities, including Narsha, Yoo In Na, Kahi, IU, Jiyeon and many others.

Unfortunately, the drama’s low viewer ratings were reported to have been the cause for the show’s conclusion.

Still, some fans remain hopeful that the show’s cancellation will remain just a rumor. When the reporters contacted SBS’s variety team, they stated, “We are in discussion for ending ‘Heroes,’ but there’s nothing absolute yet.”

Credits: Allkpop
Source: Naver

Once again, NOOOOOOOOOOOO anyway, we have posted a link at the "Videos" page on where to watch ENGLISH SUBS OF HEROES. But it the subbers only manage to sub till episode 10. Please be patient and remember to thank them!

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