Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why did JYPE fail IU and Goo Hara?


Even thou it's well known that IU once (or many times) failed JYP's auditions, but I bet many of you were shocked after IU mentioned that Goo Hara was there and failed as well. Now why is this? The article below the cut will provide an answer.

Translated article:

IU and Goo Hara’s audition clips have hit the air and the “JYP Audition Manager” is getting a lot of attention.

IU came out on “Come to Play” and said “The person that auditioned after me at the JYP audition was very pretty and danced really well. That person is Kara’s Goo Hara.”

It is well known that IU did not pass the auditions for JYP. JYP’s CEO Park Jin Young also joked around by saying that he will punish the audition manager that failed IU.

Goo Hara also auditioned for JYP back in 2007 but failed to pass the final stage of the auditions. She debuted a year later as one of the new members of Kara.

JYP basically lost two big stars. Netizens are saying “JYP is probably regretting so much” “They just gave up two huge stars.”

However, the audition manager at the time said that there are no regrets.

The manager said “The audition was for the members of Wonder Girls. Both of them were great at the auditions but they did not fit the girl group image that we imagined.”

“The fact that IU and Goo Hara became big stars is not surprising at all with their talents. We are really glad that the two of them are successful. But we’re not regretting our decision because they don’t really match with our company’s color.”
Credits: Dongie@askactor
Source: Tv Report

I wonder what it would have been like if both IU and Goo Hara were chosen back then?

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