Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taeyang responds to IU ideal guy talk

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On March 16th, Big Bang attended a radio recording on KBS 2FMLee Soo Young’s Music Show‘, where they introduced their fourth mini-album and had an honest heart to heart chat.

During the show, Lee Soo Young asked Taeyang, “Recently IU revealed that, ‘My ideal type is Taeyang, and it won’t change anymore.’ How do you feel about that?

Taeyang answered, “She’s really not changing? I think she’s going to change…,” which brought laughter to the studio.

Taeyang continued, “It’s an honor [she chose me as her ideal type].” When asked about his own ideal type, Taeyang replied, “I don’t have a set type. I’m the kind of person to like someone after spending time with someone and getting close to them.

Hearing Taeyang’s response, do you think IU is going to change again?

Credits: Supermar
Source: Nate


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