Friday, April 8, 2011

[Update] Happy together (Spoilers)

Update: The unsubbed full episode of Happy together is up! Click HERE to find it! =)

Yes, purposely delayed the release of this post until the show has officially aired. If you do not want to be "spoiled" please refrain from reading this post~!

How can she be so cute!

Here we go!

One of the things they talked about was the "IU= Shin Bongsun" effect. IU has agreed that she resembles comedian Shin Bongsun. At a recent recording of KBS "Happy Together 3," IU offered her thoughts on a public opinion that has consistently been brought up: that she and Shin Bongsun look alike.

She said, "My fans call me Shin Bongsun Two now. Even I think I resemble her."

To this, Bongsun replied, "When my mother saw IU on television, she said that IU looks exactly like my aunt when she was young."

MC Yoo Jaesuk was apparently struck speechless by Bongsun's remark, saying, "I absolutely cannot acknowledge that." It is said that filming was even suspended midway.

Comedian Kim Junho, who was also invited on the show, denied the claim vehemently, "Shin Bongsun is known amongst comedians for resembling animals like frogs and gorillas. There is no way she looks like IU."

And once again, the topic of boys came about to the misfortune of some male fans. IU confessed “If I were invisible, I’d visit an all-boys high school.”

She further explained, “Since I’ve been attending an all-girls high school, there’s almost no chance to see male students in their school uniforms” and “When I would occasionally see male students on my way to school, I thought there could never be anyone who looked more handsome.”

She also added, “Back when I was promoting on music programs, I would get nervous at the sight of male idols rehearsing in their school uniforms.”

Meanwhile, IU revealed “When I meet a guy for the first time, I immediately look at their collarbone” and “My ideal guy is one who’s wearing a slightly loose t-shirt that reveals a pretty collarbone.” To this, fellow male comedians Kim Junho, Bang Songin and Park Myungsoo responded by trying to reveal their collarbones.

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  1. omg shes so cute!! hahaha why does ppl shoot water at her??

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  3. Big Bang: They are playing a game where you have to repeat the words consecutively and she got it wrong haha. Anyway, the title of the show is called "Happy together"

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