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[Update 2] IU goes to London!

Update 2: Included a super long fan account (no seriously, it's long) of meeting IU at Heathrow Airport

Update: Included fancams and photos of IU at London!

For all London Based fans of IU!

LOL she seems really excited

IU headed off to London to participate in an overseas photoshoot!!!!!!!
Reportedly, she had some free time left over after SBS’s “Heroes” came to an end last month, which encouraged her agency to go ahead and confirm for the overseas project. During her stay, she’ll be visiting several different locations to ensure a charming final project.

With fans are already anticipating the pictorial, they can also look forward to a new album as well, as IU will be beginning production for her comeback album immediately upon her return.

To all you lucky IU fans in London, keep your eyes peeled for our cute and adorable IU!

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Source: Nate

I wanna go LONDON!!!!!!!

Anyways, here are some photos =)

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Fan photos

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Lucky dude =(

Fan account

NOTE: Sorry if some parts doesn’t make sense, I just wanted to write this up quickly ^.^
As your probably all aware, IU did a fashion photoshoot in London, and today, I finally got to meet her. She is an idol me and my friends look up to and I still can’t believe I met her today.

After hearing the news that IU is coming over to London, I immediately told myself, “I HAVE to meet her.” Since I missed her arrival at Heathrow, my only chance to meet her was if I find out where she would be or to see her leave at the airport. Just as I was about to loose hope in meeting her, WeHeartIU tweeted that she could possibly be leaving London at 7:35pm on April 7th. I was so happy went I knew her flight was late, since I wouldn’t be able to go the airport during the day as I have school.

The next day, me and two other friends agreed to go to the airport straight after school (in our uniform…yes, our uniform which stands out sooo much). We made her a card and bought her some small gifts. (I think I failed my exam because I was busy making the card instead of revising, but it was worth it as she received the card).

On the train, my friends and I couldn’t stop think about the possibilities of meeting IU, but we also thought that we weren’t going to see her since a departure doesn’t have a fix time and we had to leave at 5pm. We arrived at Heathrow just pass 4pm and waited for IU at the check-in. People at the airport were probably thinking “What the hell are three school girls doing here?” haha. ^.^ As time passed by, we were slowly starting to loose hope in seeing IU. One of my friends kept searching around to see if she happened to be at a cafe or something, but no luck there. It was 5pm, but we decided to stay for another 5 minutes, just incase she would come.

Then, just as we were about to leave, when all our hopes were gone, my friend said “ISN’T THAT HER!?!” Me and my other friend didn’t believe her at first. She looked dead serious though so I turned to the direction she was facing. My other friend spotted her and said “YEAH IT IS!”. I still didn’t have a clue where IU was but my friends were already pushing me towards her and then I saw her. It was amazing to see her. In London as well! Just as my hopes were gone, IU arrives! My friend went up to her and asked “IU? IU?” and she nodded. I started getting goosebumps, my hands were shaking, and I think my friends were like that too. I handed over the bag which contained our gifts and she accepted it gratefully. My friend got a piece of paper and a pen out (which we prepared on the train :P ) to get her autograph, while I got out my camera. Unfortunately, her manager told me I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. :( Luckily, IU gave all three of us her autograph with our names on it.

As IU was giving me her autograph (with my pen, kyaa! I don’t think I can ever use that pen again. Lol :P ), her and her manager asked me where I am from and I replied “Philippines”. They both responded with “Ahhh”. I couldn’t help but smile. :D My friend then asked her manager if IU is going to come back and have a concert, but they didn’t understand since they only replied with “Ahhh” It was cute though.

IU was so sweet and so kind. She gave all three of us her autograph, even though her manager was about to stop her when she gave the last one. She is soooo pretty in person as well. Her face is so clear and so pale (in a good way). She did look a bit tired though. In fact, everyone who was with her looked tired.

We said our goodbyes and as we were about to get into the lift to the train station, we were considering taking a picture of her secretly, but then we didn’t want to push our luck. We were happy to see her, let alone get her autograph, since she wasn’t allowed to give it when she arrived in London.

On the train, we kept spazzing about how we met IU and talked about the whole encounter with her. I really wanted to meet her and I am so glad that I did. People kept staring at us because we were talking so loudly and acting all weirdly but we didn’t care. We just saw IU!

We also wanted to prove to our friends, who thought we are crazy for going all the way to Heathrow to see a famous person and thought we won’t see her, wrong. Well, we proved them wrong!

Going all the way to Heathrow and waiting for just over an hour was definitely worth it.

Credits: Asianpopcorn

Another lucky dude =( Anyway, IU is slowly transitioning into a Hallyu star, let's give her our utmost support!

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