Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Heroes Season 2?

Everyone was upset about the abrupt end of Season 1. But wait, there's good news! (ok not really a good news but a "might be" good news)

SBS’s Heroes’ director hinted at the possibility of “Heroes Season 2.” *gasps*

PD Park Sung Hoon talked with Newsen through the phone and said “There is no reason to completely rule out season 2 of Heroes. There may be new faces and the current members are very sad about the ending.”

When asked if the current members will stay on the show, PD Park said “we haven’t started discussing any specifics. When things become clear, we will talk with our current members.”

Heroes filmed their last episode at the abandoned school where they filmed their first episode.

The show’s cast included most of the famous girl group and female solo artists as well as actresses such as Narsha, IU, Nicole, Yoo In Na, Hong Su Ah.

But since the news of the show’s cancellation was spread to the public, fans have posted various comments on the show’s website saying “I refuse this cancellation” “What will I watch now” “This sucks.” Some fans are going as far as protesting this cancellation.

Credits: Dongie@Askactor
Source: Newsen

Yup! I protest against the cancellation too!

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