Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Update] IU @ Night after Night

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Found an article about the topics discussed on SBS's Night after Night. Check it out!

IU recently clarified some rumors surrounding herself.

She appeared on SBS’s “Night After Night” on April 4th, and explained the rumor that she was ‘arrogant even at a young age’.

When I sing, my voice is thin and high but my normal voice is deep and low. So people think I talk to them as if I’m mad. I have been asked before if I have been looking down on them,” she said.

She continued to clarify, “I’m very shy and I was chubby after I debuted, so no one knew I was a celebrity. Even a security guard at a broadcasting station tried to force me out. There were many seniors who wouldn’t receive my greeting, so I used to bow to them and run away.”

Singer Kan Mi Youn revealed that she was one of the seniors who thought IU was arrogant and rude. She jokingly confessed, “A few years ago, I saw IU for the first time. She just bowed her head and went away. Newbies normally bow 90 degrees, and I wouldn’t have forgiven her if she couldn’t even sing well.”

Also, she revealed she even visited a cosmetic surgeon’s office. “My company didn’t want me to get surgery,” she said. “But I wanted to get plastic surgery so I begged them.”

She continued, “I have a small and flat nose, and it’s always been a complex of mine. I asked my company before my debut, and I visited a plastic surgery clinic. They told me that I had such thin skin that if they raised my nose, it would only be raised 1mm. I was disappointed and just came back without getting the procedure.”

IU also talked about her scandal with 2PM’s Wooyoung, her love interest from KBS2TV’s ”Dream High“.
She laughed, “We had an uncomfortable relationship [because of the scandal]. There were rumors that I followed him around because I liked him. I also found out that the 2PM members knew about this rumor, and that’s why they started to view me in a weird way.”

She then added that they got past the awkwardness and became close friends.
Credits: Ramham424@allkpop
Source: Yahoo Kr  , Newsen, Nate


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