Friday, April 22, 2011

IU increases Mexicana Sales by 30%

Any businessman reading this? You know who to get for your next marketing campaign =)

The power of idol groups is sweeping across the franchise fried chicken industry. For the chicken brand market, it’s difficult to find anyone as appealing as an ‘idol’ to teenage or family consumers.

With all the top brands, such as Mexicana, Goobne, MasDay Chicken, BBQ, BHC and HotSun Chicken employing idols as their company sponsors, the fierce battle within the chicken industry has begun.

Mexicana chose IU as their 2011 model, using such fierce marketing tactics such as diaries and bromides. IU is an idol who is loved by the entire generation. Not only through singing but acting as well, her strong point lies in her friendly image as the ‘Nation’s Little Sister.’ A PR representative stated “Last month’s sales are up 30% from the same period as the previous year, meaning the ‘IU Effect’ is clearly visible.”

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Source: Nate

I hope they expand the over the world so we can all feel the "IU effect" heehee

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