Friday, April 22, 2011

[Update] Sure Magazine's London photoshoot photos released!

Update: Included translations for the magazine parts!

Remember awhile ago we reported that IU went to London for a photoshoot? Now here you are! Enjoy!

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Magazine scans

Behind The Scenes – IU
On Brick Lane Street, where many London artists gather, one stylish Londoner happened to be passing by the set, and so he was quickly called over to stand next to IU for a photo. He must have taken a liking to IU, for he whispered to her, “May I have a kiss?” Unfortunately, when he found out that IU is still underage, he turned on his heel and left with a heavy heart!

scene #1
London was the one vacation spot IU most wanted to visit. Despite having a schedule that was hectic up until the very moment she boarded the plane, and even during the 10-hour long flight, the reason why she could barely sleep was due this excitement. Finally, we reached London’s Heathrow Airport, and as we came out from our gate, an unforeseeable surprise was awaiting us. Upon a quick glance, there were fans of diverse nationalities shyly awaiting IU’s arrival. After the unexpectedly warm welcome, as soon as we got into the car arranged for us, IU said, “Looking down from the plane, London looked like a toy, so charming and pretty that I couldn’t take my eyes away from it all. Just like that first time I met fans who could recognize me, I’m getting a good feeling about this place.”

scene #2
Walking along the streets of London which we’ve always dreamed about, enjoying the food we ordered from an unfamiliar brunch menu, and amidst the crazily hectic photoshoot, IU was humming to the same exact song. After asking whether it was one of her own songs, she calmly told me that it was a song by ’10cm’, an indie band with two male members, and that she fell in love with the song because it shows a variety of musical colors, being elegant yet groovy. Actually, that’s how we feel about her songs. “I’m occasionally asked ‘What does music mean to you?’ However, just thinking about how to answer this question in the form of a definition itself, feels like I’m trying to package something. Though I don’t know the answer yet, someday I do want to hear people say that I’ve become crazy about music.”

scene #3
In the eyes of this travel companion, 19-year-old ‘Lee Jieun’ is full of spirit as much as she is shy, a girl who is bright and fit. Regarding the changes that have come about after becoming the iconic figure ‘IU’, she expressed, “As I continued to discover more sides to me I never knew were there, even I was surprised with myself.” On stage, as well as in the everyday occurrences between one stage to the next, one can see that she is mature beyond her years, and I thought to myself that this is simply one of the many natural gifts which belong to this singing prodigy.

scene #4
Taking a quick break at an outdoors cafe for the sake of this interview, it suddenly occurred to me. Known for its unpredictable weather, London in April was supposed to be rainy, enough so that the term ‘April Showers’ was coined. But these past few days had been nothing but bright sunny spring weather. Londoners began gathering around, fascinated by this tiny Asian girl holding a photoshoot. Taking a quick look at the crowd, she stated, “Londoners must like matching colors and modern designs. Their tastes are similar to mine.” Suddenly, she tells me that the kind of music she’d like to make in the future are songs which contain “sincerity within delight.” For some reason, I feel that she will grow to be exactly that kind of person.

 scene #5
“To be honest, when I can feel that a lot of people are watching me, I get a little scared, but at the same time, it inspires me. That is how I come to discover the real ‘me’ I’d like to show them. Of course, I understand that people like IU for her simplicity. However, that is certainly not all that there is to me. Thanks to this trip, I realized yet again just how precious this ‘me’ is. It also made me resolve to get healthier. That way, I’ll be able to make the music I want, study, and go on trips as much as I’d like.”

Credit: WeHeartIU
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Love the one in the car the most. Which is your favorite?

So glad that she has resolved to be healthy =) IU TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR SELF! =)


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