Sunday, May 8, 2011

[Update] IU's Q and A session

Update: Included a video of the segment!

On May 5th, the reporters from SBS’s “One Night in TV Entertainment” visited IU during a cell phone launching event for a brief interview, asking the her to give answers to a list of random questions.

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When asked what her record was for the 100m sprint, she replied, “About 23 seconds. I’m not that athletic.” She was then given a rapidfire set of questions, “My favorite snack is cheese. I know how to cook kimchi fried rice.. and the subject I hate the most is math. I won’t be revealing my test score!”

When asked whether she’d go public if she had a boyfriend, she shyly replied, “I think I’d hide it.”

Her favorite song as of late is f(x)’s “Pinocchio.” While on the topic of music, IU was then asked to choose a girl group that she would join if she could. Immediately, she answered, “f(x)! My favorite song at the karaoke is ‘Pinocchio.’” 

Finally concluding with the last question, IU was asked whether she wanted to get plastic surgery. ”My face,” she replied. “My nose is a bit low, so I’d like for it to be raised a bit. It’s not like I hate it, but isn’t it human nature to want to become prettier.”

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Source: Nate


SBS One Night of TV Entertainment - IU (아이유)... by weheartiuTV

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