Sunday, May 8, 2011

TOP angers IU uncle fans

Big Bang’s TOP recently angered some of IU’s uncle fans!

During an episode of “YG On Air”, which aired on May 6th, fans were able to find out how Big Bang is doing lately. Fans were able to see Big Bang preparing for their Japan Tour Concert, see their trainee training methods through Seungri, and also see their usual carefree and mischievous acts.

Also, during the broadcast, TOP looked at each of the member’s posters. After seeing Daesung’s poster, TOP asked G-Dragon, “Didn’t Daesung’s picture come out a bit like IU?”, stating that Daesung and IU look alike.

After hearing this netizens commented, “IU’s uncle fans are mad now” “I think I can see the resemblance” “I don’t know why, but it is funny”.

Credits: ektha@allkpop
Source: Newsen

Video proof

Seriously.....where is the resemblance? LOL May be TOP was drunk haha

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