Monday, June 13, 2011

IU criticized for not working hard enough after first episode of Kiss and Cry

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IU expressed her thoughts regarding the negative comments made by some netizens after her first performance.

On the episode of 'Kiss and Cry', which was broadcasted on June 12th, IU revealed that after her first performance, she received criticisms and negative comments such as, "she's not trying hard enough" and that she felt distressed since there were many people who viewed her unfavourably.

Also, she said, "Even though there were many remarks about me not trying hard, that wasn't true" and that "comments about how I probably can't make it would only increase, surely I had to leave everyone with a good impression after my next performance" and she was determined to do just that in future.

To prove that she was true to her word, IU showed fantastic teamwork with her partner, Choi In Hwa, by performing the spiral and other difficult stunts as well, and received positive feedback from the judges.

Kim Yuna commented, "Compared to when I was judging your performance a week ago, you have shown a great improvement. Thank you for the hard work." IU then said, "I feel so good", looking slightly like she was about to cry, for her feelings of happiness made up for all that she has been through thus far.

Meanwhile, IU and her partner received the high score of 32.6 for their performance on "Kiss and Cry" on this broadcast.

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Source: Hankyung via Nate
Original article: Nate

All I wanna say is this....IU FWIGHTING!!!!!!!!!


  1. it sucks that she still got the lowest score, but she did improve.

  2. Ya sigh...i was really heart broken when i saw her score..I mean, she deserves some encouragement for all the hard work she has put in right? Argh what are the audiences thinking =(